Optimizing Customer Success For Hotels

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Smart Host increases revenues for hotels by optimizing the hospitality experience through segmentation.

They do so by aggregating CRMs to generate insights and actionable items in booking, marketing and real time guests.

Our work enabled Smart Host to actualize an MVP, head out to market and approach investors

The work included:

The product had to support:

Multiple types of users

The wide variety of roles in the hotel staff, each with its specific needs, required addressing many types of use-cases.

housekeeping icon
House keeping
reception icon
service icon
marketing icon
management icon

Diverse target audience

Different guests stay at a hotel for different of reasons. Knowing which subgroup a guest belongs to is extremely valuable information for Smart-Host’s to offer.

Multi-lingual interface

Since the hospitality industry is multi-lingual the interface initially supported 3 languages.

English language icon
German language icon
Schönen Tag
Italian language icon

Three main activities

A hotel staff consists of various teams, each with specific concerns and different information crucial for them to find easily.

Guests Management icon
Marketing campaigns icon
Marketing campaigns
Booking requests icon

In order to fully support all three activities we divided the product into three correlating sections.

Guests Management icon

Guest Management

Guests Management screen
Guest list

The guest list displays only the upmost relevant information in order keep the focus on important details.

Guest search

Easy search access to swiftly find a guest’s reservation / profile.

Staff selection

Different roles in the hotel operation staff sees a filtered view tailored to their needs.

Campaign Management icon

Campaign Management

Campaign Management full screen

Bookings Status
At the top of the campaigns section we display an insightful graph that helps predicting gaps in a hotel’s occupancy.

Booking status graph

Automatically Generated Suggested Actions
Based on the hotel’s booking status the system automatically generates smart campaign targeting specific high potential bookers

Suggested Actions list

Performed Actions
Active campaigns are displayed at the bottom of this section since no action is needed there, only stats regarding each campaign’s success

Performed actions list
Booking requests icon

Booking requests

Detailed Conversation Log
Each conversation thread shows the interactions history between the potential client and the hotel

Conversation log screen

Offering templates
Providing response templates helps covering every aspect of a booking request while keeping a high standard of attention to details

Offering templates image

Conversations Panel
In order to reflect important parameters in a glimpse we subtly indicate multiple layers of information neatly organized on the side panel

Conversations Panel

design system

We sealed our efforts with a complete design roadmap and assets, supporting the team for the upcoming year

smart host icon set
smart host grid systemsmart host color palettesmart host typographysmart host navigation systemsmart host element spacing unitssmart host buttons systemsmart host buttons system 02smart host paginationsmart host time picker system

At the end of our process Smart-Host had a running MVP ready for customers to join the system and catch the eye of potential investors.